Have You Met Ms Google?

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Google established the SEO rules to read, analyze, and index websites. If the structure of your website does not meet these standards, your website may remain invisible to the public. Your journey begins with developing a website that adheres to the SEO rules. Have you met Ms Google yet?

Think of SEO as the grammar in an English paper assigned by your teacher Ms. Google. If you have followed the strict grammatical rules your teacher is scrupulous about demanding, then she will award you a high grade. If not, she will penalize you. However, unlike your real English teacher, Ms Google is a very patient teacher. She will permit you endless opportunities to fix your grammar until it is perfect.

Once your website meets the basic code requirements for Google to assess its keyword usage properly, and to index them correctly, the next challenge is to leverage and build internal and external assets to access the coveted top of the page results Google returns after a search query.

For that to happen, your teacher asks you to enhance further your grammar. To the level of a Mark Twain or a Sylvia Platt. She asks that you write many more papers about that particular subject that interests you. She further asks that you frequent often with many other famous literary writers, and that you surround yourself with admirers, readers, and followers.

In brief, Ms Google asks you to experience, live, and act the life of a famous writer; and not just as a good student writer in her class.

If you are successful adapting to the new rules, then your teacher will seat you in her classroom front row.

SEO Rules Change Constantly

In brief, Google is adopting more rules constantly.

  • Social Media: Develop a potent Social Media presence through engagement.
  • Content: Establish an effective and ancillary content repository, which effectively links other websites to yours.
  • Stardom: Achieve the status of a star by managing and showing off your countless followers, admirers, and fans who often share, post, tweet, and pin your content endlessly.

In the last few years, Google has overhauled its SEO rules massively to account for the explosion in the Social Media all around us to help with its page ranking system. Google continues to improve upon its page rankings by incessantly improving its SEO rules.

In fact, because of the prolific use of the Social Media at the software and hardware levels, Google has adapted its algorithm to take advantage of these new interactive platforms with an ever-growing footprint. Social Media, in addition to links, today account for the most important factors to a higher ranking.

Furthermore, Google is changing constantly the rules of SEO. The search engine adapts to the expanding connectivity between people to include mobile phone and tablet users.

Because of these continual changes, if your company has not updated its website recently, it is highly recommended that you seek the services of a professional web development company to hedge your Internet presence by adapting to Google’s requirements.

“Have you met Ms Google?” is an excerpt from the book “How to Rank Higher on Google – New SEO and Social Marketing Explained in Plain English” sold on Amazon

Have You Met Ms Google?

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